GRM 5480 Hummer Dater

Σφραγίδα Ημερομηνία Αυτόματη : 68х48 mm The size, mm : 68х48 Lines : 8 Replacement cushion : GRM 5480 Application : for daters Dater with a free field under the text. Date cyrillic
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STAMPS ΣΦΡΑΓΊΔΕΣ Dater Stamps Σφραγίδες GRM, with a replaceable cushion.The global market leader for self-inking stamps, marking products and laser rubber. GRM Office Line includes self-inking round and rectangular stamps in wide color range. If you have any questions about this product please do not hesitate to contact us by email We have the largest selection available of Stamps & Seals in Cyprus , Nicosia Cyprus 2019 Best Price Guarantee
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