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Plastic card with long hole

Plastic cards won a place in our daily lives. They are used for either badges, ID cards or pass cards. Perforation of plastic cards is most often used in badges, as a practical solution for the cardholder. Adding a band or other tool for hanging makes the cards convenient and easy to use.

The openings of PVC cards can be oblong, size 14x3 mm or eurohole. Location of the holes usually depends on the orientation of the design and also customer needs. They could be located on the long or short side of the card.

Plastic cards badges with photo

PVC cards with photos are used primarily as a means of identification. They may be the perfect company badge, identification card of medical staff or students, and may also provide access to multiple institutions. Production of plastic cards with photo can be done by thermal printers for color customization or digital printing, depending on your goals and needs. PVC cards are resistant to scratches and preserve its good look for a long period of time.

Plastic cards with photo

Plastic cards with photos are commonly used product for events, schools and organizations. PVC cards are primarily means of identification in the form of personal documents, corporate badges, access control cards, health insurance cards, student cards, transport cards or other prepaid programs that require personalization with photos. Plastic cards with photos are most often made with thermal printers and color customization. Digital printing on plastic is also possible, depending on your needs and goals. Color personalization under lamination made by offset printing technology is resistant to scratching and abrasion, and your cards and badges with photos are of excellent quality and remain new for long time. Customize your PVC card with a photo, add a magnetic stripe, embossing and hologram. Order now!

PVC Bank cards with magnetic stripe

The plastic (PVC) card with a magnetic stripe is widely spread in the banking sector. Known for being a secure information keeper, this type of bank cards can be used for operations with POS terminals and for electronic payments. Many standards are used to determine the properties of the cards with magnetic stripes, including size, flexibility, position and characteristics of the stripe and data formats. The advantages of this developed technology have been proven as sufficient in providing the quality, accessibility and reliability you and your clients require. Personalise your bank cards with colour printing and signature panel now

Bank card with Pantone, hologram, white emboss, silver magnetic stripe and signature panel

The plastic card with a magnetic stripe is one of the most favourable type of cards in the banking sector. The PVC magnetic stripe cards are an excellent provider of storage for information and can be used for operations with POS terminals and online payments. For an excellent design of your cards, you can choose a Pantone, hologram or an embossed label. Adding a silver magnetic stripe and a signature panel is also an option for your cards. Choose embossed labels and holograms

Contactless bank card with RFID chip, color printing and signature field

A new type of plastic cards are entering the banking sector with a rapid motion. These cards are called contactless RFID smart cards. They have the size of a normal credit card and include a built - in RFID chip and an antenna. These new features are responsible for storing your information and making the connection between the contactless card and terminal (ATM) devices. The RFID chip in the cards provides a secure and fast payment

PVC card with RFID chip

Plastic cards with RFID chip are getting more popular among PVC products. They are equipped with an integrated RFID chip and antenna that allow data storage and fast, contactless connection to terminals. Information on PVC cards can be recorded once repeatedly read Write Once Read Many (WORM) or it can be rewritable Read Write (RW), which gives almost unlimited opportunities. The information is transferred via radio waves to a central control system by reading devices, recording devices, access control readers, ATM, USB connected desktop reader or any devices with embedded technology for contactless reading as printers, different terminals, parking barriers, elevators and many others. You can customize your plastic card not only as a record of the chip, but also add graphic personalization. This customization can include names, phone numbers, QR code and even color picture. Order your PVC cards with RFID chip now.

Contactless cards with RFID chips

Rely on the latest technology when choosing your plastic cards. Contactless PVC cards are equipped with an integrated RFID chip and antenna that allow you to communicate with different terminals in a contactless way. This greatly facilitates the card transactions. Plastic cards with RFID chip can store information and these days they are becoming more secure leader in the banking sector. The information on the card can be Write Once Read Many (WORM) or rewritable Read Write (RW). The data is transferred via radio waves to a central control system by reading and recording devices, access control devices, tickets readers, ATM, USB connected desktop reader or any devices with embedded technology for contactless reading as printers, time and access terminals, parking barriers, elevators and many others. Contactless cards can be used for identification, authentication and data storage. They also provide an opportunity to make payments in a flexible and secure way with minimal human intervention.

Standard PVC card

Plastic cards are part of all areas in our life. These plastic products are used by employees in different companies, institutions and many business sectors. PVC cards provide us access to places and services through RFID chips, QR code and barcodes, magnetic stripes, etc. Identification cards with names, color photo or just a unique number engage your staff or clients, and help you spread your ideas, brand and business. You can choose color offset or thermal personalization. Your business needs a unique image and your style can be expressed by printed PVC cards. Trust our professionalism and experience in the production of plastic cards. Place an order now!

Plastic card with offset printing

Offset personalization and printing process are carried out simultaneously. This assures extremely high quality and the information is protected by the laminate from erasure or any type of damage

Transparent plastic cards are extremely impressive and are usually produced with matte lamination, often called frosted or frozen effect of the image on the cards. Offset printing of PVC cards can be made on both sides, but it should be noted that the printed image can be seen on the reverse side, as a mirror image. Transparent plastic cards are used primarily as business cards, loyalty cards, club cards or other type of cards. Any additional elements such as screen printing, hot stamping, signature fields and different kind of personalization that are placed on standard cards can be used in the production of transparent plastic cards. If you want to leave a lasting good impression, to present your own individual design, the transparent plastic cards are your solution. Order now your PVC transparent cards and learn how you can customize them according to your wishes.

Plastic card with a gold screen printing

Plastic cards with silkscreen printing are unique and stylish option for your PVC cards. Silkscreen printing is undoubtedly one of the best-implemented technologies that is widely used in the production of advertising materials and plastic products. Its success is due to the possibility of printing on different surfaces. Traditional offset printing combined with silkscreen printing creates special effects that cannot be compared with any other type of printing. Your plastic cards are an important part of your image. Show your professionalism and style with a gold silkscreen printing

PVC card with silver silkscreen

Silkscreen printing technology is well approved and widely applied in the production of many promotional materials and plastic products. The success of this technology is due to the possibility of printing on different surfaces. Silkscreen printing technology complements traditional offset printing to create unique effects that could not be achieved with other types of printing. Your plastic card will look professional and unique with silver printing.

Card of eco PETG material

The cards made of PET G ecological material are products created for nature and the environment. These ECO cards are a good alternative to plastic cards. ECO cards can replace PVC cards in all areas.

Plastic card with lamination for multiple personalization

Using high temperature a graphic personalization can be done on the plastic cards. Later this information can be erased and another data can be printed. This can prevent the disposal of hundreds PVC cards monthly.In combination with magnetic stripe or contactless RFID chip, often this type laminates are used by companies offering temporary or short-term season tickets for lifts, fitness or hotels.

Carrier standard PVC cards

Folding leaflet for standard plastic cards

Folding leaflet for standard PVC cards

Leaflet for standard plastic cards

Three cards in one

Plastic card with pantone

ards can be printed in four basic colors CMYK or Pantone, which is one specific color, prepared in advance. Pantone palette gives you confidence that your chosen color will be printed in the specialized standard. The plastic card will be specifically customized according to your wishes and expectations. Order your plastic cards with Pantone and take advantage of unique colors that ensures compliance with your corporate identity.

Poker playing cards with a standard back

Plastic playing cards with a standard back

It is time for a game with cards made from plastic! PVC cards are many times more resistant than regular ones. They cannot get dirty, torn or folded and are easy to mix and distribute. The plastic material allows long-term retention of their good image. Their classic design and quality production guarantee many memorable games.

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